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Acer Active Stylus

The new acer active stylus acs-032 is a new addition to the acs series of digital tools. This device is efficient and easy to use, letting you write andarks with ease. The stylus is also efficient and has been developed in response to the needs of ecommerce, being able to interact with multiple devices and eventually form letters and words that stand out.

Acer USI Active Stylus

Acer Active Stylus Pen

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Active Stylus Acer

The active stylus acs-032 is a new bluetooth enabled stylus for the 35 spin 15 b1. It is a small, thin, and lightweight device, making it a great addition to your technology arsenal. With its new and advanced technology, the acs-032 is capable of providing you with the power to create beautiful, informing artistry. the acer aspire active stylus is a great for writing in where others place a importance on pen and paper. This active stylus has a 10-watt battery and is equipped with a red light to indicate charging. The stylus is wrapped in a durable cover that also functions as a stand for reading. The aspire active stylus is available now from amazon. the new acer active stylus acs-032 is a stylus that works with multiple acer devices. It is a 3. 5" sairel-type stylus that needs a battery to work. The stylus has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is available now at the price of $10. the acer active stylus pen has a new design that makes it easier to use. It is apen compatible and can be used with your apen account. The stylus pen can also be used with your laptop's touch screen. The acer active stylus pen is a great tool for using your computer in a hands-on way.