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Fine Point Active Stylus

Introducing the fine point active stylus pencil! This new model has a high sensitivity and precision that sets it apart from the rest. With a detachable cable and a long battery life, it's easy to get the work done you need without taking up a lot of space in your desk. Plus, the detachable cable makes it easy to take it with you when you're done.

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The fine point stylus pen is a. The perfect tool for using your iphone or apple ipad with a touch point interface. This pen has been designed to give you the best experience when writing or drawing with your technology. With its electronic active stylus, you can easily make quick and easy to draw or write with your technology. The fine point nature of this pen makes it perfect for making sure you get the perfect connection between your technology and your hand. Additionally, the pen has a black anodized aluminum finish that will not only look great but also work well. the fine point active stylus pen is perfect for touch screens! It is made with a fine point battery operated pen and a digital design on it. The pen has a high capacity and medium point style, so you can write or stare at a screen with great ease. The pen also features a digital night light, making it a perfect tool for nighttime writing or staring at a screen all day long. Additionally, it lets you experience fine points for the first time ever. The pen has a rechargeable battery and comes with a sales bag. the lynktec replacement nibs for the apex fine point active stylus are better than the originals because they are more firm. This makes them good for use with the new apex fine point stylus decks where you want a higher level of results. The fine point active stylus has a new tip design that is more stable and produces higher quality results.